Become a GEN-Switzerland Member


Gen-Switzerland is a membership based association and actively engages individuals, multipliers and organizations to pool energies and scale impact for all parties. Anybody with a passion or interest in intra- and entrepreneurship in a local and international perspective is welcomed as member.

Membership Benefits

GEN-Switzerland offers entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and other members of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Switzerland a wide array of possibilities to benefit from, participate in, start or co-own initiatives across Switzerland. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to exclusive global events through our partner organizations
    (e.g. the Global Entrepreneurship Conference (GEC), G20YEA)
  • 4 annual events in Switzerland
  • Participating in the Global Entrepreneurship Week (November each year)
  • Joining / starting / managing a GEN-Switzerland HUB in your area / canton / city
  • Organizing local / regional entrepreneurship gatherings to connect and exchange
  • Initiating / joining research projects in collaboration with GEN-Global and academic institutions
  • Building social connection with other members
  • Joining the GEN group of advisors or mentors
  • Hosting entrepreneurship events – lending a “helping hand” to make planned events a success
  • Access to the largest research on entrepreneurship
    (e.g. Impact Report, Global Entrepreneurship Index, Global Startup Ecosystem Report)
  • Access to our online communities on social media

Membership Fees

GEN-Switzerland is Swiss on-for-profit association. Nevertheless, it is dependent on funding which it derives through an annual membership-fee.

  • 30 CHF below 18 years of age p.a.
  • 100 CHF individual (adult) p.a.
  • please contact us for corporate partnerships

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