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Swiss entrepreneurship Brand

Why is this important?

Having a strong, authentic and differentiated Swiss entrepreneurial brand will enable all of us working in this space to then consistently communicate what we stand for in the Swiss start-up ecosystem.  This provides the following benefits:

–Helps Switzerland to attract investors, start-ups and top talent to our country
–Inspires Swiss-based people to consider entering the start-up world
–Supports the long-term economic success of Switzerland
–Supports and builds the overall Swiss country brand

Why are we doing this?

We held a highly successful kick-off session on January 30th, 2018 with over 85 people to brainstorm where GEN Switzerland could have the most impact in our country.  We received clear direction in that session to look at the overall branding of Switzerland in the global entrepreneurship space.  In other words, define the compelling and relevant space Switzerland should occupy when people, inside or outside of the country, think about our reputation with regard to entrepreneurship. 

This project runs connected with other GEN-CH initiatives that will be dealt with separately.

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Photos of the Swiss Entrepreneurship Brand Project Meeting